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Article: You Probably Have Too Much Stuff

“When David Friedlander interviewed Mr. Hyde about his (minimalism) project, he highlighted this issue: Americans in particular like to be prepared for the worst-case-scenario, having separate cookie cutters for Christmas and Halloween. We seldom consider how negligible the consequences are when we running out of something or are unprepared. Nor do we consider how high the consequences are for being over-prepared…”

Article: The Way We Live: Drowning in Stuff

“The inflow of objects is relentless. The outflow is not. We don’t have rituals, mechanisms, for getting rid of stuff.”

Book: Life at Home in the 21st Century

…Using archaeological approaches to human material culture, this volume offers unprecedented access to the middle-class American home through the kaleidoscopic lens of no-limits photography and many kinds of never-before acquired data about how people actually live their lives at home. ..

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